What Prevents Execution?

Common Misconceptions

To complicated • Takes to much time • Costs to much • Need to be a techie

The Truth

With a little knowledge and the right software, anyone can become a modern digital marketing and modern sales expert.

Execution Options

What You Need to Manage In-House?

  • software tools (free or paid)
  • a good brain and knowledge

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What to look for in an Outsourced Vendor?

  • a vendor that practices modern marketing and sales strategies
  • a vendor with the right software tools


Managing In-House

  • Biz Lift expert by your side
  • faster and easier
  • you control company growth
  • your effort drives results
  • become self-sufficient
  • save outsourcing costs
  • empowered employees
  • time to learn software

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Using an Outsourced Vendor

  • high monthly retainers
  • work on vendor's schedule 
  • reporting and data analytics
  • inability to get things done fast
  • growth is in someone else's hands
  • saves you from doing it yourself
  • hold vendor more accountable

Software Options

Paid Software

  • all tools under one roof
  • unlimited users
  • one login and password
  • takes less time and effort
  • only learn one tool
  • full functionality
  • holistic reporting
  • full support

Free Software

  • multiple tools needed
  • single user
  • multiple logins and passwords
  • takes more time and effort
  • need to learn many different tools
  • limited functionality
  • single source reporting
  • limited support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best software to use?
Depends on the strategies you are implementing. There are lots of free tools and great paid ones.
How much does good software cost?
Depends on the tools you need. There are lots of options for you to choose from each with different prices.
Is it really that easy?
Yes. Your success is much more dependent on the width of your brain than the width of your wallet.
What is the best implementation option?

It depends on the size of your brain, software skills, time and budget.

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What are the coaching costs?
Coaching and implementation rates can be as low as $60 per hour.
How do I find an outsourced vendor?
We can recommend a couple. We've been in this space for a long time and only work with the best.
Modern Business Growth Execution Options

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